The best of the best

Lish Chefs are independent artisans passionate about handcrafting meals sourced with fresh local ingredients, including alums from Dahlia Lounge and Canlis. Each chef tells their unique story through their food, bringing a variety of cuisines & styles to our rotating menu

Chef Tanya Jirapol

Chef Tanya Jirapol grew up in Northern Thailand and brought with her the authentic cooking of her homeland, operating several restaurants in Washington state before moving into catering authentic Thai for Seattle foodies .


Each week, we partner with more and more of the best chefs in Seattle. These are just a handful of the amazing chefs that we currently work with. 

Chef Ericka Burke

Chef Ericka Burke is an award winning Seattle Chef and Restaurateur. Her establishments include Canal Market, Volunteer Park and Chop Shop. She is dedicated to using fresh, local, seasonal food.

Chef Shimi Kahn

Chef Shimi Kahn is Chef and Owner of the popular Falafel Salam Food Truck. This Israeli born chef has a passion for strong, bold flavors. He uses his eye for detail to create sustainable and locally sourced cuisine.

Chefs Shane & Garrett

Chefs Shane Robinson and Garrett Doherty merge the beloved Southeast Asian dish "congee" with different haute cuisine elements from duck confit and Spanish bistec to an award-winning pork belly Adobo and beyond. They currently own Kraken Congee in Pioneer Square.

Chef Ethan Stowell

Chef Ethan Stowell is an esteemed, award-winning Seattle Chef and Restaurateur. He has over a dozen of Seattle's best restaurants, including Tavolata, How to Cook a Wolf, and Anchovies and Olives.

Chef Hideaki Taneda

Chef Hideaki Taneda is an expert at Edomae Sushi with Kaiseki style, a field that only a few sushi chefs master. His goal is to balance the authentic and modern styles of Japanese cuisine. He currently works for I Love Sushi on Lake Union

Chef Una Kim

After managing a family restaurant, Chef Una Kim attended culinary school in San Francisco where she was exposed to the diverse food culture of the Bay Area. She now runs her own establishment in Pioneer Square, The Faerie Queen.

Chef Prakash Niroula

Chef Prakash was born in Jhapa, Nepal into a multi-generational farming family. His deep roots are tied to Nepali and Indian cuisine. He enjoys fusing elements of Mediterranean and contemporary European cuisine while offering distinct, unique flavors.